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Sentimental, Snow, Moose, 2018 Journey

It seems like fall has quickly left and this clean blanket of white has replaced the colorful leaves. We have been working on getting all of our Ice Fishing Gear out and ready. Saying that there is snow excites me a bit, however, we need some better ice conditions and snow conditions for the season to begin. This last week we were able to spend a little time in the back woods, watching moose which is one of the things that we love to do and were blessed with being able to watch them in their winter habitat. Sharing some pictures and videos, and the love for the Greater Moosehead Lake Area.

Mama and Baby munching in the winter snow!

It was snowing pretty hard at time, which made it a little hard to capture a clear picture.

We are moving forward with M.A.G.S. Rentals and Lodging. We had an awesome summer season and kept the first rental booked right up until last month. You can find us on Homeaway if you would like to read the reviews. The reviews were awesome our guests enjoyed the Destination Moosehead Lake, being able to walk to just about everything from the rental, and the clean, cozy atmosphere of the rental. We are currently, working on the second unit. We are working on it midst getting ready for Ice Fishing Season and enjoying some much needed time in the outdoors as well.

We currently, have openings in the first unit for the month of December, Month of January, A few weeks in February, and the month of March and then the rest of next summer season. Just want to mention, that we have not booked 4th of July week, which you can watch the parade right from the front deck and our Fly In week is still open! The first rental is a full unit with kitchen and living room, 1.5 baths, this year we are going to attempt to keep this unit open as a weekly unit. So if you are interested in any of the prime dates, you may want to check out the availability. This is our first winter so we are hoping we will fill up with sledders, Ice Fisherman, and any outdoors enthusiasts just wanting to enjoy this beautiful area. SO get online and book your stay.......

We would also like to take the chance to thank all of you whom shared about our rental this year. It was amazing to see how many people that rented the unit, that had ties to our community. Our Guide Service was also blessed in the same manner. We are looking forward to another busy season for both and we know our success has not been without the support of our community, local businesses, followers, friends, and family. So a big heartfelt to you all.

Here I go getting all sentimental, this last year and a half has been a changer for me. Every year we get a little older and hopefully a little wiser. I definitely know I've gotten a little older,,,, lol, but with that comes times of reflection of what things are truly important and the need to balance those with life. The balance is a daily struggle, as things do not always move to the momentum that we would like. Sometimes, work, life, things, changes get in the way of what we have planned and we have not choice but to ride it out. The one thing that is certain, is that we have this moment right now, but in seconds it is gone, we are not guaranteed even the next ten minutes, that being said - how you spend today - can't be relived tomorrow - no way to possible get a do-over. So taking the opportunities to make moments and memories is important as that is how your family, loved ones, friends will remember you and it will be how you remember them. Last year I made the trek to my parents, was able to spend some much needed time with them and see my sister/and her family. We had a beautiful meal and I got to join in on the crazy ball tradition. So here it is, my mom and sister buy all these items, mostly little things, but they are cool. I think they must buy stock in the seran wrap company as they start out with one little object and they continue to wrap items until it is this huge ball of seran wrap. You have to roll dice when its your turn - as you are rolling the person beside you is unwrapping, and grabbing the items to put in their basket, they get to unwrap until you get to the magic number then you take over, anything they didn't scoop up you lay claim to and continue until the next person gets the magic number. Well, it takes a long time to get through that ball and no matter how old you are, you can't wait for your turn to see what surprises you might scarf up. ( the other part that I didn't mention is that a whole lot of swapping goes on - people trying to barter for the items that they want). Folks this is one good way to get distracted from your,,,, although there was some pictures and video. Good clean fun, funny moments, and making those memories is exactly what we were doing.

Truthfully, feeling so Thankful for the experiences, moments, memories over the 2018 year. Whether it was helping my guests make some, with my friends, or with my family.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy the beautiful white stuff, too!


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