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NOTE WHEN BOOKING - Instructions - Click Book Now - Then you will see a calendar appear - hover over the date and click the time below it - You will then see to the right of the page in a box the details - date, time, trip - there will be a next button - click it - you are now in the booking process - fill in the blanks - and you will be all set! 

NOTE ON AFTERNOON/SUNSET BOOKINGS- Fishing charters begin at 12pm noon.

If you have a sunset moose tour booked, start time will be 3pm or 4pm and will go until dark.

Our Services

Due to the times that fish are biting and due to the times that we are seeing moose - please note the following - currently fishing trips that are out of Greenville Junction - Afternoon Trips start at 12 noon.  Currently, we are seeing more moose in the early morning hours at sunrise.  Our sunrise tours can start as early as 4am.  If you would like an evening tour you will need to call 207-551-8962 for availability.  Thank you for patience with us!  We want to provide the best experience possible!

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