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NOTE WHEN BOOKING - Instructions - Click Book - Then you will see a calendar appear - hover over the date and click the time below it - You will then see to the right of the page in a box the details - date, time, trip - there will be a next button - click it - you are now in the booking process - fill in the blanks - and you will be all set! 

Due to the times that fish are biting and due to the times that we are seeing moose - please note the following - currently fishing trips that are out of Greenville Junction - Afternoon Trips start at 1:00 pm  and right now the moose during the evening tours seem to be more prevalent in the late afternoon into the evenings - so for now our afternoon trips will be starting at 3p and going until dark. ( we did not change this in the booking module - as we know with the patterns our times will resume to normal in a few weeks.)  Thank you for patience with us!  We want to provide the best experience possible!

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