Fishing Charters

Moosehead Area Guide Service Fishing Charters focus on having an enjoyable day full of catching fish while having fun. We cater to anyone from the pure beginner to the extremely advanced fisherman, all ages and abilities.  After booking a charter with us, we design the trip as a one-of-a-kind fishing excursion for the true outdoorsman in you.  


We fish the lakes, rivers, ponds, and bodies of water in the Moosehead Lake Area.  Generally, we catch landlocked salmon, lake trout, brook trout, cusk, perch, and sometimes any other species that bites!  What we catch will also depend upon what bodies of water we are fishing.


Our trips are fully geared and guided!  We will provide the guide, the knowledge and all of the gear. You come, have fun, catch the fish, and make the memories!


All that you may need to bring is the following:


  • Maine State Fishing License 

  • Your snacks, lunch, and beverages.

  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray 

  • Clothing for appropriate weather – jacket, raincoat, hat, sunglasses, etc.

  • Camera

  • Bug Spray

Price of $275. for a 5 hour trip Is Based Per Excursion, NOT Per Person – up to 4 Adults or a family of five- if there are smaller children.  If you have a bigger family - we recommend booking a full day at $450. - we can rotate persons in the boat throughout the day to give everyone a chance to fish while the others can lounge on a beach!  Fish are cleaned and filleted at the end of the trip, if you wish!

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No Fish - No Fee, That's our Guarantee!

(Guarantee is valid on Fishing Charters Only)

Videos and Picture Gallery Below

Gallery Of Some Catches

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