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Harold & Amber - Owners of Moosehead Area Guide Service


Welcome to Moosehead Area Guide Service, We are a locally owned small full- time Maine Licensed Guide Service with over 40 years of fishing experience and over a decade of knowledge in the Moosehead Lake Area.  We offer an array of fully geared, guided, private fishing charters, wildlife tours, and animal safaris in the beautiful Greater  Moosehead Lake Area of Greenville, Maine.   At Moosehead Area Guide Service we the owners actively work our business - taking pride in quality trips, excellent service, assisting our guests with making moments and memories that will last a lifetime.  It will be the easiest trip you ever plan, so what are you waiting for.  Join Harold or Amber for your trip now!

Harold King has over 40 years of fishing experience, he is a Registered Maine Fishing, Hunting, & Recreational Guide, and almost a decade of fishing/guiding on Moosehead Lake. He was born and raised in Michigan, he has been fishing from the moment he could hold a rod,  His grandfather was a captain and commercial fisherman on the Great Lakes and he shared his love for fishing with Harold’s  father, who in turn shared  his love for fishing and all things outdoors with Harold.  Being at the age of seven his parents bought a camp in Hawks, Michigan, where they journeyed every weekend and vacation.  Harold caught on quickly to all the things his dad taught him and at that young age was entrusted to take the tractor and boat back to the floodwaters on their property.  He spent a lot of time on the Great Lakes with his dad, and they caught some monster fish.  In the fifth or six grade Harold had developed a love for all things moose and told his best friend, “when I grow up, I’m going to Maine where the moose are.”  During his life in Michigan, he spent most of his free time fishing with his father on all types of water and hunting in the backwoods of Michigan, shooting his first deer by himself at the age of 9.  

After many years in Michigan, his dream finally came true of moving to Maine.  He chose the Moosehead Lake area for several reasons, two important ones to him were the extreme number of different bodies of water in the areas and the high moose population.   He spent his first few years in Maine working a few different jobs while he spent his free time looking for moose and fishing different bodies of water.  In 2007, he made the decision to become a guide with dreams of someday being able to do it full time.  After passing his guide exams, he started guiding trips part-time as Moosehead Area Guide Service.  In 2016 he established his business legally, by becoming an S Corp and in 2017 he had established enough guests to be able to guide full-time.   Now Harold has almost a decade of experience in guiding and fishing the Greater Moosehead Lake Area.  His fishing focus is Moosehead Lake, where he uses techniques handed down from generations before him fishing the Great Lakes of Michigan.  There is always room for improvement so Harold uses his free time to try new things and to improve even more.  Currently, he is studying for his captain’s license, which is one of his other items on his bucket list.


GEAR – all gear is provided!  You only need your fishing license, snacks, beverages and weather appropriate clothing.


Harold uses a 21ft Proline boat, no rugs, he takes great care to have a safe clean boat, he takes it out of the water daily to do a full cleaning.  He is constantly doing safety checks on the boat, trailer, vehicles, all his gear.  He replaces his line often and only uses Shimano Reels.


Harold runs 4 downriggers with cannonballs, inline planning boards, dipsy divers, and more.  He runs two poles for every licensed person on his charter up to 10 poles consistently without tangles   Being one of the most productive fishing guide services on Moosehead Lake, he prides himself in putting his guests on some of the best fish. Being a full -time guide keeps him consistently on the water and to know where the opportunities are.  Harold welcomes all ages on board his 21 ft long Pro- Line Boat.  He loves to teach and share his love for fishing with all, and he has extensive experience fishing with children.  Safety is always on his mind – all children 12 years and younger are required to wear a life jacket, if guests do not have one with them, one will be provided.



Moosehead Area Guide Service is a seasonal business, we do request a booking deposit of $100.  If the trip is cancelled prior to  72 hours of trip, a refund minus transaction fee will be issued.  If cancelled after rescheduling the trip will be offered, if the schedule does not work, deposit is kept as spot may not get filled back up.  If we cancel a trip due to unsafe weather, we will offer a transfer of deposit to another booking or refund the amount of the deposit.  Safety first.

Harold will always be up front about the weather, as well as fish decline.  Again, with the “No Fish – No Fee” guarantee, it is all about knowing where the fish are and having a boat that is set up to get to where they are and then being able to travel at a speed that gives those fish the flash of the eye candy that they cannot resist.

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or someone looking to catch their first fish, we assure that we can satisfy your needs on one of our charters.  We are so confident in that, that we offer a NO FISH – NO FEE Guarantee!



You usually get what you pay for in just about everything in life and fishing charters are no exception.    Do not settle for just any guide service, do your research, and book a trip with a guide that is Fully Insured, Licensed, registered in the State that you are Fishing.  Make sure they are spending countless hours learning the water and refining techniques so that you will have the most enjoyable and successful trip on the water.    If you are going to pay for services, your guide should be giving those services.


In 2017 Harold met Amber, who was born in Maine and has been a native of Maine all of her life.  She has a past work background in healthcare and public safety.  Amber’s grandparents ran a successful guide business in Maine, so she is no stranger to guide life and hard work. Amber is the mom to four adult children and nana to three grandbabies.  Allowing her the ability to be able to pre plan for those families that will be on charters or tours with children.  She has experience working with all ages and is a great communicator.  Amber has always loved the outdoors even at the young age of two when she was supposed to be sleeping and she walked about a mile’s distance to a lake and crossed a dam to get to a fishway to watch the fish go over the dam.  Yes, the game wardens found her and her dog “Yukon” walking across the dam with water rushing over it, and her holding onto her dog's fur, and he was between her and the overflowing dam.   She disappeared again at the age of 3 at her grandmothers, everyone including wardens searching for her again, she was found several hours later on top of the piano, where she fell asleep patting a stuffed bobcat.  Adventure runs deep through her veins, there is no wonder why her and Harold’s lives collided.  They both are on a continuous adventure.


Amber works behind the scenes taking care of all the office management part of the business, planning family fun adventure days, taking bookings for charters/tours/rentals, as well as being a Wildlife Specialist.  Like Harold, Amber’s passions are fishing, Moose and outdoors.  Although, unlike Harold, she prefers the quietness of brook or river wading to always being on the lake.  She feels at one with the water.  Her fishing is solely for her pleasure and to pitch in helping Harold when he needs assistance out on the water.  She spends all her free time in populated moose areas, ponds, bogs, waterways, and new feeding grounds.  She loves to watch the moose interact, communicate with each other, and see their mannerisms.  Moose are portrayed as being large, clumsy and dumb, however, Amber believes just the opposite.  After studying them, she believes they are very smart, that they are decision makers. Two of Amber's favorite past times are looking for sheds and photography which she incorporates into her outdoors adventures.   Since 2017, Amber has been working side by side with Harold, and has taken advantage to learn from him.  She is a lover of books and information, so she reads up on things that are pertinent to the moose and the history of the area, always wanting to be able to add something more to her adventures.  Her last good read, “The Final Mission” the story about the B-52 Plane crash on Elephant Mountain during the Cold War Era, and you guessed it – it is in the Greater Moosehead Lake Area.


Amber is a natural born storyteller, and she has lived a life of adventure.  She shares her knowledge of the outdoors and life stories as they apply to the areas that she is adventuring in.  Customer Service is one of her many talents and she loves being around people, sharing the love of moose, seeing them smile when they see moose for the first time.  Every moose is a new moose to Amber, whether it be through her guests’ eyes or her own.  She gets just as excited as they do.  She points out things on her adventures, while sharing history and exciting tales of encounters. 


Moose Tours – Again, you get what you pay for - you can pay a low price, share your tour with others, have to compete with others to ask questions or talk to the guide/wildlife specialist, have to move on when having a wonderful experience with watching a moose, so many things are out of your control.  However, your fee for your tour with Moosehead Area Guide Service offers the following: trip is private, only your group is on the tour.  You have the full attention of your guide or wildlife specialist.  You choose if you want to stop to take a beautiful picture of a view, and your guide/wildlife specialist will assist you if needed.  Through a series of questions when booking, your guide/wildlife specialist will design a tour that specifically meets the needs of your group.  Your guide will be knowledgeable of all thing’s moose, the history of the area and more!  Your guide will have spent a considerable amount of time investigating all things moose to include, eating patterns, travel patterns, location, available feed, and temperatures of when seeing.  Your guide will have spent a considerable amount of time preparing for your tour by educating themselves daily.

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