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Where To See Moose In Maine

Maine is a beautiful state with much to offer, such as spotting moose in the wild. But where do you go to see moose in Maine? Well, we are always going to say on Moosehead Lake with Moosehead Area Guide Service of course.

We spend as much time as we can in the backwoods watching moose. This is one of the passions of the Moose King and Moose Gurl, date night for us consist of dusty roads, beautiful sunsets/sunrises, crazy off-roading that sometimes results in being stuck, finding the remotest of remote ponds, finding new moose trails, and more.

Again, I say this is our passion, when you meet us, you will know within a few minutes of how passionate we are about moose. Every time we encounter a moose, every time one of our guests encounter a moose, it is like the first time we have ever seen one. We never get tired of it, each moose is unique in its own way.

After watching the same moose time after time, we realize the amazing personalities and body language they employ.

We learn to able to figure out where they are headed, why they are headed there, and most of the time we have guessed exactly the right direction and move to place our guests in a great position to see, watch, video, photograph, and get to see the moose, hopefully, up close.

moose in the woods in maine

The first few weeks of June are always tricky as they are trying to find their food sources.

Sometimes this can be easy, but nature does not always provide what the moose expect, due to the food source being cleared or a pond being broken and dried up, etc. So when you hire a guide, you kind of take the guess work out of it. At the very least they show you where to see moose in Maine and give you great ideas of where to look.

The most common misconception that I hear is - I checked all the local bogs. Well, yes moose do visit bogs and water holes for various reasons.

They might visit it as a food source, as a watering hole, or just to get cooled off on hot days. However, moose have a multichambered stomach much like cows. They feed, then they regurgitate and rechew their food. Basically, they eat.... lay down, repeat.... then get up and go eat again.

moose in water

They need some of those water greenies but they also need a big abundance of land greens, so they spend time foraging for those as well.

In June, the bugs are thick, so you can find the moose at times getting out in the open areas to get away from the bugs, to get dried out from the dew in the early morning or taking the easiest path of less resistance.

Right now the food is plentiful along the road edges with bushes that they just eat off the tops without much work. However, moose have pretty dark coats so when the temperatures start to go up,,,, their coats draw the heat. So they find some shade and relax.

When the temps start to drop they start to move again.

Their most active times of day are early morning and late evening before dark. Think about it, when you get up in the morning the average person has breakfast..... well so do moose.... before you go to bed... you like to shower and relax, well moose like to relax, cool off, wash them bugs off, have a snack or two...

Yep, So moose are not just on bogs or waterways.... If you are looking for moose you really want to be watching the areas that you are looking in, this time of the year, you may only see a bush moving, ears moving.

moose with antlers in woods

The moose are not all the way black or dark brown yet, they still have some of their grey coat, so they may not be standing out like you think they would.

You want to be looking for signs of small maples, raspberry bushes that the new green leaves have been stripped off and the ends or tips of the bushes look like they have been snipped right off. This generally is a moose.

Myself, I have always been under the assumption that moose do not eat raspberry bushes, however, I have seen several recently munching away on them, so that just goes to show you can spend a crazy amount of time with them and you will never know all the information that you possibly could.

At Moosehead Area Guide Service, we not only show you moose, we educate you along the way. We will point out tracks, eating sources, their poop, places they frequently visit - explaining why.

Our guests are always surprised at the amount of knowledge that they gain from a tour, even those who are proclaimed outdoors people. Our landscape is always changing, we need to keep on top of that folks, we need to protect our moose and our wildlife.....

So if you are visiting Maine this summer, we hope that you decide that you would love to take a moose tour with us on Moosehead Lake and allow us to share what we find so amazing and beautiful about the Greater Destination Moosehead Lake of Maine Area. We still have plenty of tours for 2021!


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