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Where To See Moose In Maine

Maine is a beautiful state with much to offer, such as spotting moose in the wild. But where do you go to see moose in Maine? Well, we are always going to say on Moosehead Lake with Moosehead Area Guide Service of course.

We spend as much time as we can in the backwoods watching moose. This is one of the passions of the Moose King and Moose Gurl, date night for us consist of dusty roads, beautiful sunsets/sunrises, crazy off-roading that sometimes results in being stuck, finding the remotest of remote ponds, finding new moose trails, and more.

Again, I say this is our passion, when you meet us, you will know within a few minutes of how passionate we are about moose. Every time we encounter a moose, every time one of our guests encounter a moose, it is like the first time we have ever seen one. We never get tired of it, each moose is unique in its own way.

After watching the same moose time after time, we realize the amazing personalities and body language they employ.