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Happy New Year - Making Moments and Memories

We cannot even begin to express how thankful we are for the last year and the upcoming New Year. We are overwhelmed with feeling Blessed. All of the moments and memories that we were a part of over the 2021 year were amazing. We are excited for the New Year to get here and for the open water, as well as, getting out to see our Maine Moose. We hope that you all are having a wonderful winter building new experiences and memories. Amber and I have never taken a vacation. The last couple years has been rough on everyone with the Covid and so much conflict amongst our country people. It has brought it home even more to Amber and I that we only have one life and we need to live it the best we can. We spend so much time trying to help our guests make moments and memories that we rarely get time to do it for ourselves on our own personal level. We decided this winter that we would make it happen. It was difficult as neither of us are used to not working 24/7. This is new territory for us and at first we were very hesitant and nervous about whether we would like warm weather, if we could find enough to do to keep us from being bored, etc. I have to tell you, WE LOVE IT, WE ARE MAKING MOMENTS & MEMORIES every day. We are relaxing some days, fishing, catching our own bait, traipsing around the area, sight seeing and learning from the locals.

We are here for a bit longer, we are going to take advantage of the sunshine and the open water. We will see you all soon in the spring and for the time being we will be making some moments and memories in Alabama - Gulf Shores!


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