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Moosehead Area Guide Service - Why Choose Us?

I have been thinking lately, what makes Moosehead Area Guide Service any different from the other guide services. Well, I cannot speak for the other guide services in how they do their business, what they offer, or even how passionate they are about what they do. I can only speak for myself. I love Maine, I'm a true outdoors man in every sense. I spend all of my time either on the open water, the ice, or back in the woods seeking out adventures. My life pretty much revolves around the seasons, the fish and wildlife of that time of year, eating habits, available feed, and locations thereof. It's not a job to me, it is a way of life. Each and every day I am amazed at the beauty that abounds in Greenville, Maine. We have everything that Maine offers right here in the Greater Moosehead Lake Area with the exception of the coast. You could spend days and never encounter the same sight or experience. I never grow tired of it, and constantly feel like I wish the day wasn't coming to an end.

Each fishing trip brings me back to my own memories, I feel somewhat like a child, you know, when you are so enjoying something and you dread for it to end. It doesn't matter the weather, if the water is choppy, if a guest is a beginner or seasoned fisherman, I just hate to see the trip end. I love sharing my passion for fishing, knowledge of the local waters, and so on. I never fathomed that I could so enjoy what I do so much that it would not feel like a job, but a better way of living. I know that each guest is making their own moments and memories when they are on an outing with our guide service. Knowing that just spurs me on to share more. Our guests at the end of the day walk away with fish, with stories, with smiles, and with things to see or do the next day in the area.

We know our guide service cannot do everything so we choose to do select things that we are passionate about and we do them well. When guests ask about other things to do in the area, we want our guests to have other experiences similar to what we provide, meaning that we send them to the businesses that they are seeking - that are as passionate about the things that they do, as we are. Providing our guests with that simple consideration, brings our guests back, building relationships with our guests, as well as, trust. There is nothing better than spending time with someone that loves what they do. That being said, so Why Choose Moosehead Area Guide Service?" Simply put - Because we love what we do, we are passionate about it, and we do it well. If there is something that we don't do, we will steer you in the right direction of finding what you are looking for.

So I hope that you choose us and let us share our passions with you. Get on over to Greenville, Maine, Moosehead Lake and lets catch that big fish or see that Moose!

Check out photos below to see why we love what we do!


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