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Let the Fishing Frenzy Begin!

Most recent trips on the water!!!!! Fishing is a tricky thing. I wish every fishing trip was over the top, but its just not so. Water temperatures, feed, depth, location, so many variables, make for very different fishing experiences. Every trip is unique, every fish is different, each individual is different, but my goal is always the same, to share my love of fishing with others. Every trip that yields more than a couple fish is a great trip, memories and moments are what they walk away in addition to their catch. Sobering thought isn't it,,,,,, Making moments and memories. I think often about how many people have never had the chance to see the outdoors on the water or back in the woods, in all it's beauty. So many things to see, so many things to do, so many fish to catch,,,,lol, so hard for some to take the time to enjoy it.

At Moosehead Area Guide Service, we are gearing up for our first full time year. Worry Free Trips, just bring your beverages, snacks and license, show up..... We will take care of the gear, finding the fish, and seeing that you have a great day on the water while making some moments and memories of your own.


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