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A New Year is Coming

This has been a crazy last year. Amber and I have taken October, November, and December off. My parents had been staying in their home in the woods of Michigan by themselves since this whole Covid thing started. In September, they started getting their camper ready to be self sufficient and they headed to our place in October - stopping in a parking lot to take a brief nap in their camper - and drove straight through. They stayed a couple weeks with us and then we followed them back to Michigan doing the same on the return trip - straight through. In Michigan, we hunted on my dad/mom's property and spent most every day out there looking for deer. We went on a few adventures/sightseeing that we could do from the car or little hikes where social distancing was available. In our time back at my parents we played games, socialized with them, and ate - ate a lot - my mom is an awesome cook,,,,, and she made dessert almost every single night. I had to put my fat pants to get home, semi comfortably... lol. We both got our deer this year in Michigan. So food is in the freezer. I know for most these last few months have been terrible - with the news,,,, covid,,, the grim and despair that is constantly blaring on the T.V., radio, Facebook, and so much more. Amber and I were very fortunate that we had the ability to quarantine,,,,, stay with people that had not been around anyone else,,,,,, quarantine before coming back, quarantine when we got home. Now we are enjoying a few days recouping and getting our bearings after a wonderful break.