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A New Year is Coming

This has been a crazy last year. Amber and I have taken October, November, and December off. My parents had been staying in their home in the woods of Michigan by themselves since this whole Covid thing started. In September, they started getting their camper ready to be self sufficient and they headed to our place in October - stopping in a parking lot to take a brief nap in their camper - and drove straight through. They stayed a couple weeks with us and then we followed them back to Michigan doing the same on the return trip - straight through. In Michigan, we hunted on my dad/mom's property and spent most every day out there looking for deer. We went on a few adventures/sightseeing that we could do from the car or little hikes where social distancing was available. In our time back at my parents we played games, socialized with them, and ate - ate a lot - my mom is an awesome cook,,,,, and she made dessert almost every single night. I had to put my fat pants to get home, semi comfortably... lol. We both got our deer this year in Michigan. So food is in the freezer. I know for most these last few months have been terrible - with the news,,,, covid,,, the grim and despair that is constantly blaring on the T.V., radio, Facebook, and so much more. Amber and I were very fortunate that we had the ability to quarantine,,,,, stay with people that had not been around anyone else,,,,,, quarantine before coming back, quarantine when we got home. Now we are enjoying a few days recouping and getting our bearings after a wonderful break.

We are so thankful for all of you that made our 2020 year happen. Despite all of the Covid hubub, we were able to adjust how we did things to keep our guests, clients, and friends safe. We managed to get through the summer and stay afloat. There is absolutely no way that we could ever express how Thankful or Blessed you have made us truly feel. In a world of chaos, you allowed us to take you on some amazing adventures, fishing charters, see beautiful sites, make moments and memories while doing exactly what we love. We got to see families set aside their phones and tablets while embracing the outdoors. We saw smiles on faces of people that caught their first fish, saw their first moose, saw a beautiful sunrise at the start of a day, or a beautiful sunset at the end, a baby moose wobbling as it took it's first steps, a walk through the woods to come across a plane crash with the somberness of what those people went through. The people we took on adventures this last summer for the most part never realized how much beauty was on the western side of Maine and to be able to share it with them was absolutely one of the greatest things our guide service has witnessed.

Again, this is why we live where we do and why we do what we do. We absolutely love the Moosehead Lake Area. Between Amber and I, we have visited almost every state. We both conclude that Maine is the most beautiful and offers the most rounded place to see just about anything, eat just about anything, and still be able to have your space. You can travel to city's and you can travel to landmarks that are seasonal tourist locations in Maine, but Moosehead Lake is totally different than the common tourist location - you can walk the streets without being elbow to elbow - mainly because there is so much to do - the people are spread out. The lake itself is over 40 miles long,,,,,, that is just the lake - not to mention the territories that surround the lake, the mountains,waterfalls, the hiking trails, state parks, camp grounds, remote camping sites, rafting, boating, fishing, touring, food, culture, and history. You could come to this area over and over for so many years and still not see the same thing twice. However, I never tire seeing some of the sites over and over again. There is an never-ending amount of things to do while social distancing, as well as, we are always willing to share extra ideas of activities in the area that you can do with your family independently.

It is sad, that it took a pandemic to remind many of us how important a simple smile, hug, what a handshake means to another, or that it took a pandemic to give us time to take a break from the craziness around us to notice how beautiful the dew looks on the grass in early morning light. It is sad that we have had so many loved ones, friends pass without the ability to hug or say goodbye. I would have never dreamed that I would have seen a year like the one that has just passed.

Amber and I are very fortunate that we can share daily in a life, job, that we both love. Every adventure for us whether shared with others or not always brings some sort of awe factor to our day. When we are with people that have never seen a moose before - we are as excited that they are seeing it as much as they are. When someone catches a big fish or their first fish - our excitement is just as exuberant as theirs. Our tours and charters are private - you get us all to yourselves, you can ask questions, stop for photos, we make your adventure what you want it to be. Being a small guide business in the 2020 year was a great benefit for us, as we were already doing the social distancing thing - not realizing it was a thing...... we have been doing it for years when it wasn't called social distancing. We found out we are really great at it!

We wish that everyone will continue to keep fresh in their minds this past year and that it does not take another pandemic to remind us of the little things, moments and memories all around us. We hope that you do not live in fear but rather embrace the little moments that make our lives grand, When you can - take every opportunity to give those hugs, smiles, make memories and do not let those little moments pass unnoticed.

May You and Your Family Be Blessed and Have a Wonderful - Safe - Happy New Year!

Harold & Amber

Moosehead Area Guide Service

Greenville, Maine

Serving the Greater Moosehead Lake Area


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