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B-52 Crash Site Tour

You will travel safely through the myriad of rough gravel and logging roads to the base of the crash, so be prepared for a bit of a bumpy ride in a comfortable Ford Expedition. On your way to the base of entrance your guide will share with you the details and harrowing facts of this 1963 Crash that took place during the cold war era.

The hike is an easy one - more of a leisurely walk and you’ll begin to see plane debris everywhere once you step onto the trail.  It is hard to even comprehend the vastness of the crash with this site being the largest accumulation of pieces of the plane, wires, panels, rusted components, and other debris.  They are strewn amongst the trees and across acres of forest floor.  The scattered debris and memorial remains are a sombering reminder of both the survivors and those who lost their lives at the site.

Your guide will remain close by for questions, any needs that may arise,  or assistance.

Guests are asked to treat the area with respect and leave it as you’ve found it.

Please be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water and snacks to keep you hydrated.

Fall Foilage/Scenic Tours

B-52 crash site

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the backcountry of one of the most beautiful areas of Maine - The Greater Moosehead Lake Area.  You will not be dissapointed with the vibrant colors of fall, as you are learning about the local history and seeing some of the most beautiful ponds and views.  Your guide with keep you entertained with stories, laughter, and history as you travel safely through the rough terrain of the backwoods of Maine.

  • Enjoy a private tour of your own

  • Lots of great photo opportunities

  • Discover local spots that are often overlooked by tourists as they are in the rugged backwoods terrain of the area

  • Please be sure to bring hydration and snacks for your trip.

View of Moosehead Lake on Tour


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