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Why We Live in Greenville

This is recouping our last 26 hours. Well yesterday being Mother's Day it was only fitting to take Amber out for an evening ride. I have to say what started out as a slow evening became amazing rather quickly. We were seeing lots of traces of Moose and Amber said: "7:10 Moose Prime Time" best be watching now.... I chuckled,,,,,,, We were fortunate enough to see 8 moose in a two hour trip, 3 porcupines, bunnies, partridge and 5 deer. The first two porcupines climbed trees but we was able to watch them, they move a lot quicker than most people think. Just as we were ending our ride, we caught site of something that took our breath away. A cow and two of last year's calves, not only had this mom gotten one baby through the winter, she got two through it. That was amazing.

Today,,,,,,,, BOAT IN THE WATER, not even seven minutes on the water and a trout. We were on the water for about three hours and caught 4 salmon and 13 Lake Trout all released, that's not counting the few bites we missed and the couple fish we lost. Now that is some amazing first day on the water fishing. So book your trips now, we can get out and get you some fish. Then,,,, Amber,,,, thought it would be pretty amazing if we could end our day with the same evening we had last night. We dropped the boat off and headed out on an adventure. Now who would think that we could even come close to the night before. Well I don't know anybody that could have had a more amazing day than the two of us. We saw a few bunnies on the road, 7 moose along the way. But here is another amazing site that we got to witness tonight,,,,, earlier we were saying how it would be nice to see an owl, however, not likely to happen, 20 minutes later, just on the shoulder of the road sat a great horned owl sitting up in a tree, not kidding you,,,,,, but a few seconds later another one flew up into the tree beside the first, not sure really the mating cycle of those beautiful creatures or how they behave. However, you could see the second owl giving the first owl something to eat. These were not baby owls, these were full grown owls. Now how cool is that. These are just a few of the reasons why I choose to live in Greenville, Maine. The beauty of nature is everywhere and every day is a new adventure. You may see similar things but there is so much more to the surroundings than we are sometimes aware of.

So that is my recount of the last 26 amazing hours......... If you ever get a chance to visit the Greenville, Maine area, I hope you take the time to see all the beauty in the area. Moosehead Area Guide Service would love to help you see some of things that we have experienced and give you the opportunity to make some moments and memories that last a lifetime. We cannot guarantee what we will encounter but we will encounter something. As, well as, our fishing trips have a no fish, no fee guarantee! So what are you waiting for get your trip to Greenville, Maine planned. We will be right here enjoying life the way it should be!



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