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One Last Me Day

The start of our busy season is here. So Amber and I decided that we would spend one more day to ourselves trucking around in the woods. We left the house at about 6am and didn't get home until right after dark. To even begin to explain what an exceptional day that we had, well there just is no words. It was pretty warm yesterday, and well we thought maybe we might find some moose on the ponds. We saw everything but moose and we did the best to catch it on video. On our way home we saw three moose but each one beat footed into the woods before we could get a photo, just a few minutes before dark this huge bull crossed the road in front of us and headed into the woods quickly. There was a back road just in front of us and we thought maybe he will cross it and we will see him again. We pulled up in,,,, and low and behold to the right of us was a cow grazing. She just kept munching and eventually sidled up to the side of the truck, at one point, I thought I was going to have to roll my window up. She was so close, I could have patted her. She did not seem to be bothered by the truck, Amber or I. She just wandered around. I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos of our day as much as we did. Harold and Amber #mooseheadareaguideservice, #mooseheadlake, #greenvillemaine, #moose, #moosetour, #scenictour, #wildlifetour, #awesome, #adventure, #outdoors, #deer, #patridge, #turkeys, #ducks, #babies


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