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Mooshead Area Guide Service

So many of you have been wondering what exactly is happening with the restaurant, AKA, "The Kraken". First I want to thank all of you that supported our first year, it was greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all my clients, you make my day!
This is what I want to be doing, taking people fishing.

So here it is, I am remodeling the restaurant into two weekly rentals. I originally purchased the restaurant for a location for my guide business, but I thought, hmm,,,,maybe I should open the restaurant and do both. Though the restaurant did exceptionally well its first year, it limited my time guiding and that is where my passion is. Sooooo,,,, from here on out, I am going to be working Moosehead Area Guide Service full-time. I am extremely happy with this decision and I am looking forward to the future! So spread the news and share my website. My first rental is tentatively planned to be ready for weekly rent on June 1st. My new website is up and running - Currently, we are booking 2018 trips and 2019 winter trips. We have some great giveaways for this year. Starting with right now, Share/Like our website on your Facebook, (tab at the top of our main page) with your friends, and subscribe to our page-(place is at the bottom of the first page) and you could be the lucky winner of a $50 gift certificate for Moosehead Area Guide Service or from MAGS Rentals/ t-shirt, or some can coozies. We will be drawing from all of the names of our subscribers on May 1st for the winners. BUT>>>>>>>>> we will be drawing for can coozies tonight at 8p from our first peeps that share and like our new website page in addition to the May 1st drawing. So happy spring folks,,,,,and all I can say is bring on the sun, melt that snow, and lets get FISHING........ #fishing, #mooseheadareaguideservice, #mooseheadlake, #greenvilemaine, #guideservice, #magsrentals, #giveaway


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