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Moose Tours - In Moosehead Lake Area

We are seeing quite a few moose, not because the population is growing, but because we spend a lot of time out there looking for them. Today's tour we saw 5 moose. Now that does not always happen, but we generally see more than one. When speaking to our clients on the phone they think 5 hours is a little long, however, at the end of their tour, most think it wasn't near long enough. Our tours - are your tour. They are your private tour through the Greater Moosehead Lake Area. What I mean by that is, if you want to stop and take a photo, you can, you see a view and want to further look at, we will. We stop for photo ops, we can incorporate a specific sight into your trip. We do some short easy hikes into some ponds. We have seen moose, beaver, otter, eagles, falcons, hawks, mink, porcupine, rabbits, fawns, deer, and much more! There is so much beauty surrounding the Greater Moosehead Lake area and I will safely guide your group around the sights. Our trips are priced per excursion, so it is one charge - we can take up to seven persons. Check us out at #moosetours, #moose, #wildlifetours, #scenictours, #mooseheadlake, #destinationmoosehead,


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