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Moose and So Much More!

The last two weeks have been amazing in more ways than I count. With many thanks to my parents, Harold and Patty King for spending two weeks with us. They came out from Michigan and have been working side by side with us from morning till night on our renovations. Just a few little touches left and we will have it ready for rent in a week or so!

The last few nights of my parents visit we had the opportunity to ride the back roads in search for some animals. We were so very fortunate to have seen 3 moose on at least three of our trips, 3 moose each time, not to mention several deer, partridge, fox, bunnies, and even saw a fisher. Dad caught a nice lake trout one evening and got a few smelt to take back home. Really going to miss them. It is times like these that help one reflect on how truly blessed they are to have such loving wonderful parents. Feeling the pressure and deadlines for the guide business coming up and knowing the completion of this place needs to be done has been a little stressful to say the least. With their help we barreled through it and was able to make a few memories, one I bet my mom wants to forget, lol. Took them the back way from Rockwood through to Jackman,,,,,, Man oh Man,,, There are some holes big enough to swallow a truck and one almost did. Buried my front right tire up over the rim, was able to get out, no damage to the truck and no damage to my mom!!!!! It is all about adventure and what you make of it, and we made a great evening out of it. Ending with an ice cream in Jackman, and it was delicious. My mom took some photos, as did we! Safe travels back to Michigan, Mom and Dad!

Took the big boat out of storage the other day and I have to say with the ice going out on Moosehead and the sunshine, I'm having a hard time to keep the fishing fever at bay! The boat will be out on the lake soon, as the water is open. So excited for this year of full time guiding. Thank you all for getting the word out and a big early hoorah for a great season start. Hope you are having a wonderful sun shiny day and getting out to make some of your own moments and memories.

Don't forget Mother's Day is coming right up,,,,, if your Mom loves fishing,,,,,, remember Moosehead Area Guide Service can help you make some of those moments with her!


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