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First Moose Tour of the Season

Great first Moose Tour of the season! The moose were not so photogenic, but they were out and about. Our guests Edward Myers and Arlene Myers saw 9 moose, 1 bear, partridge, turkeys, bunnies, and some deer. The views we encountered were breath taking. Amber found a shed and I found a shed. It never gets old, each day is a new experience with new people. Getting to see the expressions on their faces and hearing them talk about what they have seen. It is why I love what I do. This is not the season of the majestic moose as their fur is shaggy and they have no antlers right now, but nonetheless they are still beautiful in their own way. Hunting for Moose this time of the year is like playing "where's waldo?" they blend in so well with the colors right now and the brush! It is not so easy to find them when they are not on the ponds but hanging in the brush munching! Anyhow, it was a great day with these folks, great conversation, I think we all had a great learning experience, these folks are well traveled and had a lot of experiences that they shared with us as well. May they enjoy the next ten days of their vacation as much as these couple days! Thank you Ed and Arlene Myers from Florida! Safe Travels!

Amber found one today and I found one!  Awesome day in the books!
Moose Shed Finds


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