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Father's Day is Coming!

Father's Day is coming..... Reflecting a little today. I have an awesome dad.... pretty sure if the myth was right about grey hairs, I am responsible for every last one he has. He should've had permanent whiplash, for every time he has to shake his head. My dad has been an excellent role model in many ways over the years, leading by example. He has worked hard every day of his life even in retirement. He definitely treats others exactly how he would want to be treated, even when others do not reciprocate, that takes some patience and love. He has a good smile and firm hand shake to everyone he meets. He is a helper, he is always volunteering to help others before they even get a chance to ask. God has truly blessed him for being the man he is.

All of that being said, raising a will-full child like myself, I am sure was not an easy task. My dad though has always loved me. Always made sure he told me he loves me and he is a hugger, so lots of hugs. When making choices in life, my dad has always given his opinions, but always lovi