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Farmers Almanac - Really!

So for years, people have been reading the Farmer's Almanac in hopes of a forecast that will bring them wonderful news. I have seen people posting on Facebook about how the Farmer's Almanac is calling for a brittle freezing snowy winter. I know there are the summer lover's out there that do not want to hear snow is coming, but hey, it comes every year, it's no secret. So as the summer is coming to an end, and I will have to put my boats away for the winter in a few weeks. Which I may add, that I do not want to do. When it comes to that time every year, I feel like a little boy that is being made to pick up his toys and come inside. My mind screams its just not fair, I could still be catching fish, the water is still open, but I reluctantly pack away my summer gear. As soon as it is completed, I'm okay, because, "I GOT FALL". Yes, "I GOT FALL". Right now as I am saying that phrase, I am getting excited - I think my heart skipped a beat.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love to be in the outdoors, and the fall brings the perfect weather. The nights become cooler, the mornings are frosty, and the moose begin their rut. I choose to not hunt moose as I love to watch them. I spend a lot of time all year long watching them, but it never gets old, doesn't matter if they have a rack or not, they are amazing to watch. Having the opportunity to get to share it with others is a great big bonus for me. It is exciting to see them be excited and in awe of a moose for the very first time. The views - amazing too, depending on the time of day, the weather, most of the time, the views are never exactly the same. Seeing the Foliage from the top of some of the mountains and all the surrounding lakes, rivers, and ponds is breathtaking.

As soon, as the leaves disappear and the ground starts freezing. Oh ya,,,,, My mind switches gear, and I am thinking of fishing again. This where you winter haters, are gonna hate me! MY MIND STARTS SCREAMING SNOW - TEMPS DROP, SNOW, TEMPS DROP! No, I'm not excited that Santa Claus is coming, Not really excited for New Years Eve. However, I will be waiting for NEW YEARS DAY, like all little boys wait for Christmas Morning.......NEW YEARS DAY!!!!! I hope its cold, I hope my whiskers are frosty, I hope that Ice is Hard, and Thick! Cause this boy is ready to fish! Yes, I will be ready to Ice Fish! I will have spent the last couple months making traps, registering sleds and trailers, digging out all my winter gear, repairing any needed things on the shacks, and so on! I will be awake most of the night, and I will be up and have my trailer loaded and ready before 4am. I will be to the ice before daylight and have everything set up. Knowing Amber, she will have made me some tasty breakfast sandwiches, hot coffee, and something to be warmed on the stove for lunch - it will be all ready and packed. SO FARMER'S ALMANAC - REALLY - BRING ON THAT DANG WINTER WEATHER just as soon as the leaves fall. I know that there will be other winter lover's excited about the snow - skiers, snowsledders, and so on! Actually, you know Greenville, could use an excellent winter - think of the economy the snow brings! WOOHOO! So here I am - Really hoping that dang, "Farmer's Almanac" is right on point.

Another, exciting thing for this year, is that Moosehead Area Guide Service can offer all inclusive Ice Fishing Packages, that is sooooo exciting! So you can come stay and play on the ice! SO IF - Farmer's Almanac is right - we could have an absolutely wonderful winter season. I can't wait.

In the meantime, we still have some Fishing Charters open and some awesome tours! Give us a call at 207-551-8962. We would love to help you make some end of the summer moments and memories! BEFORE THE FARMER'S ALMANAC IS RIGHT. Hahaha, Maybe, you might even walk away excited for the Farmer's Almanac Prediction. I know I am pumped now after really thinking about it.


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