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Family Trips

Trents Catch

Family Trips are probably one of my most enjoyable trips. Sharing the beauty of the Greater Moosehead Area. Getting them out on the water for fishing, taking time out on the beach for play, and getting out and seeing the wildlife. It is such an amazing area and so much to do. All of our Fishing Charter slots are available for Family Outing slots and they can be specialized for your family needs. If you just want to cruise around/see the sights/stop at a few islands..... it's your trip,,,, you say what you want to do,,,, and we try to make it happen. There are the obstacles of inclement weather, fishing the weather doesn't bother us so much. However, when you want to spend the day at the beach, weather can simply put the kabash on it. However, we will work with you over the time of your stay to help you achieve some of your outings.

Over the weekend, I was able to spend time with a family that had never been to the Moosehead Lake Area. It was too short of a stay as there was so much they would have loved to gotten to do. Upon their arrival, the children were tired from the long ride, they opted to head down to the Red Cross Beach, which is less than 1/2 mile withing walking distance of the rental, has a lifeguard on duty mon through fri 8a - 4p. They played for a bit there and then came back to the playground at the school, which borders the back side of the rental. They returned had a lil snack and something to drink. Then we set off the first evening with a Wildlife Tour, Miss Izzy riding shotgun wanting to see what she dubbed as "Marty the Moose". She was starting to get restless, when a baby moose and momma moose wandered into our path. Needless to say, she was so excited, she got to see her "Marty", to her it was a "Marty" but to us it was a "Martha", lol. Along our ride we discussed what moose eat, where they forage, places they go in the heat, where they head in the winter, shedding of their antlers, the flaps inside their nose - what is their purpose, rutting season and how they blend into the woods and have to watch closely. We saw two more moose on our trip, and we were just heading back, when in the distance we could see this big black thing in the road ahead, pretty sure it was a moose as it was very tall. Getting closer,,,,, It was a huge Black bear standing on its hind legs right in the middle of the road. That was it, Little Trent in the back seat, was in awe, we reassured him that the bear was just as scared of us and it ran off. We crossed the path of a huge beaver cut and beaver hut. Back to the rental for some much needed rest. The children were wound and I think Kilynne was tired and she was waiting up for her Fiance, Barrett and his brother David to arrive. I reckon they arrived about 12:30 pm.

Bright and early Amber was out on the deck cooking the family breakfast, while everyone was waking up and getting ready. Soon they were all packed up for a day trip of fishing, sightseeing, and island visiting. We drifted around a large pond water way for most of the day, the kids and family fishing. Everyone was able to see a bald eagle and a loon. Part way through the day, Kilynne, the children and Amber got off on one of the islands and spent a couple hours or so playing with the kids on the shore and in the water, whilst us three men went back out fishing a little longer. The beauty of family trips is being able to adjust and make it fit for the family. The children needed to stretch their legs, get cooled off with a swim, eat their lunch, and play for a bit. The island stop was perfect for that. Whilst, us men could get down to some serious fishing, lol. We were able to catch enough fish to take back to the rental to have a fish fry. YAHOO.... We headed back in picked up everyone and went back out fishing our way back to boat ramp. Back at the rental, we cooked up perch, bass, and some french fries. The ladies already has some salads made for the meal. The family had never eaten perch or bass, and they all loved it.

Early the next morning, Barrett, Kilynne and Eben were early to rise for some fishing on Moosehead Lake. We fished until about 10:30 and I dropped Barrett, Kilynne, and Eben off on Pebble Beach for a bit to play. Went back into the boat launch and picked up Trent, Izzy, David, and Amber. We boated over to Pebble Beach. Trent, Eben and Barrett getting back on the boat for fishing, while the rest played and relaxed on the beach. Eben and Trent both landed some salmon and lake trout. Each one of the boys so proud of the fish they caught and excited about the experience. I don't think that either one of the boys played an internet game or anything during the whole stay. There were so busy with so much around them to see and do. Barrett and Kilynne, both are amazing parents, wanting the children to experience the outdoors and get to see the beauty.

Around 2pm we had to head back as they were heading home. Barrett and Kilynne stopped in Monson to send a picture of the kids. Hmm,,,,, they must have been tired out. It was such a great time with this couple, their brother, and their children.

So, if you are looking for some type of outing in the Greater Moosehead Lake Area give us a call at 207-551-8962. We have some awesome ideas for family outings, have resources to help you get services that we do not provide from other businesses that are just as passionate about what they do as we are. So give us a chance to help you make some memories and moments with your family.


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