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Evening Boat Cruise By Amber Lee

Last evening we took a couple friends out on a cruise, David and Alicia. What a beautiful evening on the water. Until you are darting in and out of the coves on Moosehead Lake, you don't realize how many little treasure spots you have never seen. Moosehead Lake is close to 40 miles and consists of over 700 acres. It is the biggest lake in Maine and has so many islands.

Last night on our cruise, as we were cruising around, Harold pointed up on shore, as a little fawn with spots was standing in some foliage watching us. So beautiful and serene, we watched for a few minutes. In another cove we were blessed with seeing a couple of loons. The male loon was not very happy we were there, he did a little wing dance, so we slowly drifted away to give them their space. Two things here, one could have been their nest was close by and he was agitated by that, however, both were in the water with no chicks, s