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Catching the Fever

One of the greatest experiences is teaching little ones to fish. In the beginning, it is about teaching them the basics, safety around water, in a boat and on ice, how to bait a hook, how to set a hook, how to reel, and how to take the fish off the line without injuring themselves or the fish. Teaching them about why you put some back, so they are not upset when they have to put a fish back they worked so hard to reel in. Then its getting them on to a pile of fish to catch, and then them catching that "fishing fever". Little ones only know they want to catch fish and they easily get bored if the fish are not biting. So you want them catching, doesn't matter the species, as long as they are catching. A weekend ago, I got to spend the weekend with Amber's grandchildren and it was their first time Ice Fishing! We hummed and hawed over taking them out on the big lake where they would catch some big fish. However, they are busy little guys,,,,,, and we decided that we would try a much smaller lake this time. I knew a spot that was pretty well sheltered from the breeze and where they could catch an unlimited amount of perch, as well as, the sled ride in would be an adventure for the boys.