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One of the greatest moments, is when you are standing looking at a pond and you are so enthralled in its beauty and all of the surroundings, birds chirping, bugs skirting the waters edge, a few may flies landing, your whole day prior seems to have just disappeared and you are in the here and now. Kind of in a momentary fairy tale scene, and all of a sudden you are pulled out of your daze, by the sound of water movement to look up and see, something as majestic as the moose. It never gets old or boring. The minute their head goes under and rises back up with the water running down off them and dripping back into the water. There is something about those sounds and sights that just makes you realize how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy the beauty in the Greenville, Maine area and our moose population.

Moose Entering Pond

This one particular night, Amber and I were standing looking at the water and the surroundings around us, when she asked me to take the camera and zoom in on the edge of the pond to see if anything was hanging out around the edges. I set up the tripod and had a look, I was surprised at how much detail I could pick out in all that was around me, that I had not noticed that a visitor had arrived until I my attention was pulled by that familiar sound of a moose entering the water.

I've watched many moose over the years, but this particular one being able to see him start from the edge of the pond and completely cross it, was extra special. He was completely submerging himself under the water at times, and I would have to wait for him to reappear. Moose have a bouyancy when they are eating, you see their head go under, sometimes still seeing the hump of their back, they usually kind of float and trot, bobbing up and down, just so cool to watch!

He headed in the opposite direction of where Amber and I had sat down to watch inconspicuously. After several minutes, he started to head directly at us, and it was all to real, we were going to get some up close video and pictures - I was videoing while Amber was snapping some pictures on her phone. After a good amount of time, he had completely, crossed the pond. At this point, he was in shallow enough water that his head and shoulders were out, this is my favorite part folks. When he puts his head under, pulls up the greens, water rolling off dripping back onto the water, the sounds of the moose breathing, the munching sounds, the sun shining,,,,,,,, oh my,,,,,,,,,, Amber was never so quiet..... lol,,,, just joking,,,, but she was very quiet. These moments are the moments that I live for, not Amber being quiet,,,,lol,,,,haha,,,,, but the beauty of seeing that Moose in its habitat. It doesn't matter if the moose are big, small, etc.,,,,, each encounter is unique and amazing.

Just close your eyes and envision the above for a couple minutes before reading on. It was truly an awesome experience. One of the reasons that I love what I do and continue to do it. Every encounter, I am as excited as my very first moose sighting, it is like I am seeing them for the first time all over again. With my clients, seeing their excitement, expressions and awe - just makes it even more exciting. It is priceless, moments and memories,,,,,, moments and memories,,,,,

The last few minutes of watching this majestic animal were interrupted by individuals out looking for moose. Now mind you, this is what I do, so I love to see other's enjoying this as well. But I want to mention this, remember folks when approaching anywhere that you are searching for wildlife, you must be very quiet.... Yes, exactly like Elmer Fudd, when he is hunting wabbits. Some of these animals are so used to seeing humans that seeing you appear may not disturb them, but the slamming of doors, laughing, talking, kicking rocks, crunching sticks and leaves,,,,, those things will definitely scare them away. This moose was so calm and at ease for all of the time that we were watching him, until the sounds approaching hit his ears, and he took off, as you can see in the last couple pictures above. Just awful, that the individuals did not get to partake of the beauty of this animal. Honestly, I was a little upset, as I was waiting for those ending videos/photos of when the moose would gracefully exit the pond with water dripping off his antlers. However, later I was more deeply saddened that these people missed out on something so beautiful! I do hope that they did cross paths with another moose that evening and experience that moment of awe. If not, I hope they return to the Moosehead Lake Area again...

In the meantime,,,, we keep spending time in the sticks,,,,and on the water..... Helping our clients make moments and memories! That is what it is all about! Sharing the Moosehead Lake Area experience!


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