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A Long Few Weeks

The night before last, I was so not excited to head out at 4:30 pm to Bangor for supplies for our renovations. Not excited is not even the words, I kind of loathe going to Bangor, I do not like shopping, nor the traffic. Its kind of like having a thorn or a thistle in your thumb and not being able to get it out. Even in Dover Foxcroft, I tried to see if Dave's World was open or if the hardware store there had the items needed, much to my disappointment they did not. Awe the pain, I have to continue on to Bangor..... I kind of felt like Charlie Brown when he does that "Argggggghh" thing. It seems like such a long ride........

However, it turned into a great evening. First a squirrel ran out in front of us, everybody sees these a lot, no big deal. I told Amber tonight would be a great night to see a bear. Shortly after that we saw a few deer in a field. On the way back we saw a beaver on the road and he ambled down into the ditch, got a good view of him, looked healthy was a little above average in size, boys did he have a waddle. He must have had a good wood source, I'm thinking maybe he evolved into eating something other than his regular diet or maybe he spent a little to much time inside his hut reclining during the long winter. Do you ever wonder what they do to keep themselves entertained inside that hut. Hmmmm,,,,,, maybe there are a few more little beavers swimming around this spring.

Next we saw a few more deer grazing in someone's field. This year the wildlife looks like they have had a pretty good winter. Amber pointed out a beautiful chubby fox, the reds in his fur were unexplain-ably beautiful, the white was clean and just so fluffy. I could almost swear that little bugger was licking his lips like he just ate something. A few miles down the road the turkeys gathering in the fields drew my attention, but I continued on for a bit, where I slowed down to one single Tom waddling his way across the road, he was being very vocal. I rolled the window down and called out to him, every single call, he replied as he kept waddling away. There is something about that silly call, that just brings out a belly chuckle in everyone. Lol, this went on for a few minutes. Amber's snort and giggle from the other side of the vehicle, then we both said, we should have videoed that. Shucks,,,,,lol... As we came through the backside of Guilford, for some reason the lighting on the dashboard was so bright, I slowed down as I was dimming the lights down on the dash. It was just beginning to get dark, a distance in front of me was a big black thing, I had a feeling it was a bear, but how could I be that lucky. Sure enough it was a bear. He was beautiful and healthy looking. I'm sure he went back to chomping on those tender green shoots along the road as soon as we were gone. He did not take off, just ambled into the edge of the woods with no concern. I'm thinking if I had his teeth, rugged strength, rugged body and just woke up from my long winter's nap, I most likely would have no concern for the two individuals watching from a car on the side of the road. I probably would think they looked like an snack. lol. It was a very exciting ride on the way back to Greenville.

Last night we took a quick ride up towards Kokadjo with my parents in hopes to see some moose and check on the smelt. Sadly, there is still a lot of snow in that area and it was raining like a bugger. The water is high, but it won't be long until the smelt start running. Going to check out some waters tomorrow night and see what is opening up, the fishing fever has hit. One month without fishing has been one month too long.

The renovation is going well, walls are complete, windows are in, most of the painting is done. We have the cupboards in the first unit, and the flooring in the main room should be finished up today. Will be so exciting to be able to offer rentals to our fishing guests. Hope everyone is having a great spring so far. Harold


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