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Moosehead Area Guide Service welcomes you, to join us, as we offer professional private guided scenic wildlife tours to popular attractions in the Greater Moosehead Lake Area.  Let us guide you safely around on one of our fantastic tours.  Our tours can include waterfalls, cliffs, rivers, short hikes, B-52 Crash SIte, plenty of interesting sights as we encounter the beauty and wildlife in the surrounding areas.  The sights that you see will be determined by what you most want to see, and we will develop the route of the tour on that basis.  All you need to do is book a tour, show up  and we will provide the fun!  

  • Family Friendly Trips

  • Sightseeing

  • Price is based on excursion, NOT PER PERSON

  • Scenic Tours by Land in the Ford Excursion   5-hr tour for up to 7 persons​​ for $275.  Last years tours by land excursion sightings  included moose - to include babies, moose on ponds, bear, deer - to include fawns, falcons, owls, hawks, rabbits, mink, beavers, fisher, muskrat, red fox, coyotes, pine martin, porcupine, loons, turkeys with babies, partridge with babies, owls, geese, ducks and so much more!  

  • 2019 Tours - averaged seeing 4 - 10 moose per tour.  Moose are wildlife and can be unpredictable, however, we do our homework and spend time out looking for moose and wildlife, follow their travel patterns, eating patterns, and more.

  • Things you may want to bring: sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing appropriate for weather, snacks & drinks, camera, bug spray.

  • Our trips are private - if you book it- only your group is on the trip. You can stop for photo ops where you like.

  • Our guests have a great time seeing the local area, as well as, learning about the moose and its habitat.  As well as, interesting stories from wildlife encounters, sure to be enjoyed by all.



Videos and Pictures from past tours below!

A Couple Videos From Wildlife Tours

How We Get Around

Fishing Charter Boat

Our  21 ft Pro-line boat is set up with Down Riggers, Cannon Balls, and Planing Boards, in order to get down deep where the fish are!  Our boat offers some shelter from the wind, sun, and weather.  We offer a no fish no fee guarantee!  We have not given money back as of yet!  We can get to the fish wherever they are!

Tours by Land

in the Excursion

Tours on land/ Excursions are a combination of our Excursion and Chevy Blazer - which seats up to 7 with the guide, air conditioned and very comfortable ride/seating.  We visit ponds, may take a short hike,  let's discuss where you want to go and what you wish to see....  and we can get you out there!

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